How a scentbird subscription works


Like most online subscriptions, this subscription kicks off on a monthly basis. But like a number of enterprises doing the rounds of the internet these days, you do have the convenient option to kick out, if you will. Liken this to kicking off your heels for a while. Because you are so overwhelmed by all the decadent choices and fragrant monthly gifts, you may be tempted to alter the terms of your ReviewingThis.

scentbird subscription

Just for a while, you say. And then you will be back for a little more. You say your basket is full. But it is an online basket. And you can fill it up as many times as you like and it will never get full. Stay a member, a monthly member, that is, and you can still shop conservatively, as they say. This is what you had to do in the past, because every time you walked into your favorite department store, all you could do was sigh out of dejection.

You could never afford those expensive bottles. The most famous brands are still doing the rounds. They remain in good supply. And now you really can afford them. This is in the spirit of online shopping where prices have necessarily become quite competitive. But do do yourself this favor. Let your little scentbird choose a bottle for you. Let her surprise you by just how much she has gotten to know you in just a short space of time.

This is what happens. Shortly after you have officially signed up for a monthly subscription, you write a little note about yourself and your favorite few things and scents. The bird collects this story data and gets to work. And before you know, a gift has arrived for you to sample.